So I was thinking about polygamy. I have had a few conversation with guys who keep talking about it as something good for modern day men in the US.I am going to have to say I don’t agree and will give some reason why I don’t agree with it.
First of all there have been a study or two that say polygamy is actually bad for a man’s heart. It seems  the study indicates  the more woman a man has the more stress a man has and the more strain on his heart.Who could have thought that having multiple woman would actually cause more stress? Men who are polygamous face more than quadruple the risk of having blocked heart vessels, compared with men married to one woman.

Moreover, polygamy may not be such a great deal for men, or society, either. Adding more people to the marital equation increases the potential for interpersonal conflict. So we have guys who can’t get along with one woman now some how they they can deal with 2, 3 woman or more. I find it strange that guys talk about the issues they have with western woman and then say the solution is for them to marry more woman. Isn’t that kid of like adding fuel to the fire? Its kind of like that scene in the film Tucker and Dale versus evil. You have one guy on fire and they throw what they think is water on him,but its actually gasoline. Polygamy is not the water that will put out the fire of relationship problems with men and woman its just adding gasoline to a fire.


Also lets consider the financial aspects of the situation. Okay having more woman means you will need more money to take care of these woman and of course most likely this will mean more children than the Average marriage which means more children to take care of. Okay I do not see how this benefits the average guy. Many of the average guys have trouble taking care of one or two children. Also even if polygamy was allowed I doubt the other laws would change concerning marriage,alimony or child custody laws. Politicians are not going to radically mess with these laws or how they are carried out. So that simply means more woman to potentially divorce you and more child support to pay. That is cool if you are a rich well off guy and can afford it,but How does this help the average low income or middle class guy?
I had one guy tell well if there is more than one woman they will compete with each other for your attention and affection. I know a guy who has more than one woman and this is what he says happens.okay that is possible,but perhaps they will realize there is more of them than you and ban together. There was a story of an African man who’s wives held him down and raped him to death. Death by snu,snu. Not the worst way to die,but a prime example of what strength in numbers really means.Apparently he had not been having sex with the youngest wife for some reason.and they decide that the female dude could not abide. All it takes is for one woman to get smart and say hey why are we fighting when we should be working together. keep in mind that we live in a western society, and not one were woman do not have legal protections and rights.Even if polygamy is legalized those protections and the favorable treatment woman get from law enforcement are not going away. What if you had a domestic situation and got into a bit of a fight with one of your wives and you had to restrain her because she was getting violent? Would the other woman have your back or stab you in it. Is the police and court system going to take your word or the word of your 10 wives?
The funny thing about the polygamy argument is that it really only favors the wealthy men in society any way. It causes problems for the young, low-status males denied wives by older, wealthy men who have hoarded all the women. Those young men create problems for everybody. studies show that polygamous societies create large numbers of unmarried men, whose presence is correlated with increased rates of rape, theft, murder, and substance abuse and, they may engage in certain crimes to get wives—stealing to amass enough wealth to attract women, or kidnapping other men’s wives.
polygamy is less about sex than it is about power. Rich old guys with lots of wives win twice: They have more women to bear them babies and do household work, and they also gain an advantage over other men. Cool if you are one of those rich older men,but sucks if your not.The average man is not a rich older dude.
Even in the bible were polygamy was allowed in Manny cases its stated how problematic those marriages were.Solomon had many wives and there were cultural problems between them and him. Abraham was sleeping with Sarah and her servant haggar which caused conflict between the two woman. Polygamy is not a good thing in my opinion.
Here it is in video form if you prefer watching over reading.