My thoughts on the IQ test and how it is used against people of color.

So I have been thinking about the IQ test recently which is a total score derived from one of several standardized test designed to assess the intelligence of a human being. The scores from this test can then be used for educational purposes such as placement, assessment of cognitive abilities and even evaluating job applicants. The IQ test generally used is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale for adults and the Children. It’s thought that environment and genetic factors play a role.

The idea of IQ has been applied to a number of areas such as the effect on crime. There are many studies that point to a person’s IQ affecting criminal behavior. Data has shown that people with lower IQ from 70-80 have higher crime rates than people with higher IQ rates. It should not come as a shock that many people in and out of prison had problems as children in school. Lower intelligence may be a good reason why some people have a problem making rational choices and avoid more effective long term solutions to issues

It’s also thought that IQ level effects job performance in many cases. When a worker is hired with no experience doing a specific job the best indicator of future job performance is general mental ability.IQ level becomes more of a barrier to good performance the more qualified the individual needs to be such as in managerial positions.

The IQ test is generally considered too be accurate or have a high level of accuracy. While there is some associated standard of error psychologist generally regard IQ as having a respectable amount of statistical validity.

There are some issues with the IQ test as some scientist does not feel that we should  base our concept of intelligence on a test as this neglects other aspects of mental ability. The US Supreme court banned the use of IQ test an part of the application process to choose workers.

I have been noticing lately that some people on YouTube and other media avenues have been using IQ as an explanation of why certain races of people have higher levels of crime in the United States. They have claimed that minorities such as African American and Latino’s have a lower standard intelligence level with leads to more violence and poor decision making. I have heard this used as an example to explain the dysfunction and corruption in Africa and Muslim nations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, now putting aside the irony of a test created by a Caucasian person finding that Caucasian people are among the most intelligent while darker skinned people are less intelligent.


 Let’s consider the affects of the environment on a child learning ability. Is there any doubt that growing up poor in an area with higher crime and negative influences can affects a child IQ level? It has been shown that being raised in a high socioeconomic status leads to an IQ boost between 12-16 points so good parents in a good environment leads to higher levels of intelligence. This bears out what some have been saying about the breakdown of the black family and the breakdown of the nuclear family unit. It seems that many minorities with the exception of Asian in the United States have a higher level of divorce among their parents. Personally I think this factors in a great deal in the United States concerning the behavior of minorities.


 Here is my main issues concerning using the IQ level as a reason why some minorities have higher levels of crime. Let’s say that African Americans or Latino’s are naturally of lower intelligence. This would mean that we have a sort of handicap. Now as far as I know we don’t hold mentally challenged people to the same standards as normal people do we? Children have a diminished mental capacity compared with adults. From what I under the average person’s mind does not fully develop until the early twenties. We don’t hold a 10 year old to the same standard as a twenty year old or 15 year old to the same standard as a 30 year old. If Minorities have a natural low level of intelligence that is worse as because the person will always have a sub-par intelligence when compared with a Caucasian.


If certain races of human beings in this nation are naturally mentally handicapped then we can’t hold them to the same standards. It would be logical to give minorities such as blacks or Latino’s lower prison sentences than whites for similar crimes. A black or Latino’s should have more leeway on the job when it comes to being fired or suspended. In general we should treat minorities as we treat children. Also white people should get held to a higher standard then when it comes to crimes committed, jobs and all aspects of life if they are naturally more intelligent. From what I understand whites are the highest group of people that have their chargers dismissed or dropped. It should be the other way around and minorities should be held to a lower standard and also given far more resources and guidance and opportunities to falter.

In conclusion I do not think specific races of people are on average less intelligent than others races. I do think that the IQ test is somewhat flawed and that many issues such as environment,parenting and even culture affect it greatly. However we cannot have it both ways. If we want to push the concept that specific races of people are naturally less intelligent then we have to hold those races of people to a lower standards just like we do with minors or those who are mentally challenged


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I am not a fan of Black Lives matter.

I like to donate to different charities and have donated to a few over the years. Chicago food depository,Catholic charities,Innocence project to name a few.Usually the donations range from $50 to $150 dollars. I do what I can when I can to help out. Today when I was donating to the Innocence project it made me think about another organization called Black Lives Matter and what I think that group should have been instead of what it became.

The innocence project is a non-profit organization that is focused on exonerating people who have been wrongly convicted. Their main method is using DNA testing to prove a person’s innocence. The Innocence project was created in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. The inspiration to create the Innocence project came from a study conducted by the United States department of Justice which found that eye-witness testimony is a factor in 70% of wrongful convictions.DNA testing has led to hundreds of convictions being proven false. Interestingly enough  99% of the false convictions were of males.

Black lives matter or BLM is an international activist movement starting in the African-American community.This movement campaigns against violence and racism towards black people. BLM holds protest against police killings of black people and other issues concerning black people such as police brutality,racial profiling,and racial inequality.

I am not against the general idea of Black Lives matter,but the way it has been executed is ineffective to me. First of all I find marching to be a waste of time and am shocked that black people are still doing this. While it is nice to see black people organizing I don’t like that they only want to deal with violence committed against black people by people of other races.What about the violence black people deal with at the hands of other black people? Also why not an organization that deal with injustice period and not just one race?  From what I understand BLM also accepts support from planned Parenthood which is an abortion agency which facilitates killing black babies in the womb. Black lives matter also has an anti traditional black family bent that is apparent within their organization.

I would love to see Black Lives Matter become more like the Innocence project focusing on fighting injustice in the criminal justice system through more logical methods. Why not ask for donations and use DNA testing to help prove the innocence of people wrongly convicted. Why not raise money to help with the legal defense of black people and other races to ensure fair trials.Why not offer mentorship programs,job training,programs for black people to support other people like  black kick starter,go fund me or even facilitate black business owners looking for blacks to invest in community business.Black Lives Matter could  have set up a program to raise money to make donations to local politicians to push agendas that benefit the poor and downtrodden. Instead we get a group of people who seem over emotional,belligerent and the butt of jokes and takes on the name such as all lives matter,blue lives matter. Because some of the members have been violent and unruly some have the opinion that Black lives matter is a hate group.Watching members of BLM disrupt one of Bernie Sander;s campaign speeches is a prime example of why people don’t like the group. Here you have a man who marched with black people during the civil rights movement and was placed under arrest  and he was clearly harassed and disrespected.

There are also some rumors that BLM is simply nothing,but pawns being used by the likes of George Soros to push racial strife and division.Not to mention being used as a conduit for left-wing politics. One funny thing is  if you go on their main website you will not see anything about black men or boys.Funny considering that is what the group is supposed to have been founded around.On their websites it says one of their main goals is to disrupt the traditional family structure. One of the biggest problems with the African-American community is the break down of the traditional family structure. If any thing they should trying to build that structure up not finish it off. It seems that the site will not even mention father’s when talking about parents. It only mentions mothers,children and parents,but never father’s directly. Also what black male patriarchy are they fighting against that the site keeps mentioning? These seems to be an underlying anti male feel to it. Is this extended family they speak of going to be legally responsible for another person’s children? Some how I doubt it. black lives Matters has a number of key issues they are pushing such as defunding the police,race based reparations,voting rights for illegal immigrants,an end to private education and charter schools,free college for blacks and fossil fuel divestment. While I could agree with some of these goals some are simply just nonsense.It seems Black lives matter simply used the shooting of black males to make their organization popular while focusing on any thing,but black males.Black lives matter could have been so much more for the black community instead of a divisive group that even many black people do not want to take part in. They could have been something like the innocence project on a much grander scale.


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